scripts: add onetest_gesamt for arm64
[testub10.git] / codeb /
2010-06-09 Martin Perner[codeb] Instr update + forgotten testcase
2010-06-09 Martin Perner[codea/b] Instr Count Updates
2010-06-04 Martin PernerNew Testcase + Instr count updates
2010-06-02 Martin PernerInstr count updates
2010-06-02 Martin PernerCodeb Abgabe Testfaelle
2010-05-30 Martin PernerTestcase bugfix
2010-05-30 Martin PernerUpdates
2010-05-29 Martin PernerNew Testcases + New Script
2010-05-28 Martin PernerInstruction Count updates
2010-05-26 Georg Schiessercodeb fibonacci testfaelle
2010-05-26 Georg Schiessercodeb testfaelle asma asmb
2010-05-24 Martin PernerInstr Count updates
2010-05-24 Martin PernerForgot to add new testcases
2010-05-24 Martin PernerForgotten Instr updates for codeb
2010-05-24 Martin PernerLess Instr. than Reference are possible
2010-05-24 Martin PernerCorrection of Reference Instr. Count
2010-05-19 Bernhard UrbanMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-05-19 Martin Pernercodea LVA-Testfaelle
2010-05-19 Bernhard Urbancodeb: testfaelle aus codea
2010-05-18 Lukas Haselsteinercodeb (too) complex ifs and whiles
2010-05-18 Lukas Haselsteinercodeb ifs and whiles
2010-05-17 Lukas Haselsteinertests für codea: zuweisungenen, variablendefinitionen...
2010-05-09 SnafuMerge commit 'lewurm/master' into local
2010-05-09 SnafuAdded codeb testcase