make: check if git is available before calculate version
[pyfrprog.git] /
2010-04-25 Bernhard Urbansome fixes, pointed out by pylint
2010-04-24 Bernhard Urbanbe less verbose
2010-04-15 Bernhard Urbantimeout fix
2010-01-31 theStackcheck for argument "-d" if len(argv) is 4
2010-01-31 Bernhard Urbanadded version option
2010-01-30 Bernhard Urbanadded device option v0.1
2010-01-03 Bernhard Urbantty must be global
2010-01-01 theStackimproved structure, add main() function
2009-12-18 Bernhard Urbanmake install && README
2009-12-15 theStackadd time measurement for performance comparisons
2009-12-15 Bernhard Urbanrenamed 'cmd' functions...
2009-12-15 theStackdecreased wait-time for pkernel + mini cleanup
2009-12-15 theStacksendByte() is now free of senseless sleeping -> speed...
2009-12-15 theStacksendByte()-sleep is only needed in bootloader-mode
2009-12-15 theStackdeleted (uncommented, but anyway...) tests
2009-12-15 theStacktwo become one ;) merged into
2009-12-15 theStackreadMHX() now takes filename instead of fp
2009-12-14 theStackMerge branch 'master' of
2009-12-14 theStackcamelcase fct name + removed useless comment
2009-12-14 created function read_mhx_file
2009-12-14 Bernhard UrbanMerge branch 'master' of
2009-12-14 theStackcleaned up cmdBAUDRATE
2009-12-14 theStackonly flush once for a sequence, detect 0xffs seqs
2009-12-14 Bernhard UrbanMEGAWOOT: it just works \o/
2009-12-13 Bernhard Urbanmerged flashdemo repo
2009-12-13 Bernhard Urbanactually we have to write it in IRAM, thus we have...
2009-12-13 theStackflashing will be done now in a simple loop
2009-12-13 theStackfirst version of mhx file support impl.
2009-12-13 Bernhard Urbanokay, big fat note: clear the fucking watchdog timer...
2009-12-13 Bernhard Urbanexecute own code from iram, however READ attention...
2009-12-12 theStacka call to the end of the IRAM (0x00033ffc)...
2009-12-12 theStackimpl. CALL and CHECKSUM bootloader cmds, untested
2009-12-12 theStackadd constants for device and baudrate
2009-12-12 theStackadd a test with some more data and local chksum
2009-12-12 theStackinitial commit