2010-01-04 Bernhard Urbanport-work; won't compile or even work master
2010-01-04 Bernhard Urban[WIP] added usbstorage from libogc (by svpe)
2010-01-04 Bernhard Urbanfatfs: update to 0.07a
2010-01-03 Bernhard Urbansome usb stack related clean up; BULK still untested
2009-09-26 Bernhard Urbansome routines for removing a device on demand. thist... origin/master
2009-09-26 Bernhard Urbanadded set_rate for HID devices; keyboard driver works...
2009-09-26 Bernhard Urbanintterupt transfers done right now. however, the keyboa...
2009-09-24 theStackfixed memory leak (in a few h memory would be full) thestack/untested_code_for_lewurm
2009-09-24 theStackfixed buffer overflow on str
2009-09-24 theStackadded simple keycode->char lookup functionality
2009-09-23 theStackadd global hcca pointer for avoiding redundant code thestack/master
2009-09-23 theStackjust deleted useless files
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanvarious changes demo0
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanadded [A-Z0-9] support ;)
2009-09-23 Bernhard UrbanMerge branch 'master' into usbkb_sauter
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanwill boot sysmenu when press reset button and again...
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanlicense stuff
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanadded hidkb driver and a simple example
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanw00000000000t
2009-09-23 Bernhard UrbanBLEH, WTF :( {s,g}et_configuration still won't work...
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanfirst attempt to get interrupt transfers working. epic...
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanwtf, for some devices {s,g}et_configuration works:
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanoh, hello bluetooth dongle :D
2009-09-23 Bernhard Urbanfullspeed devices will be detected now
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanusb_{s,g}et_configuration doing it wrong :/
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanagain a "funny" problem @ u/c/core.c: #{un,}define...
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanadded lsusb and some more config stuff. except of some...
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanmore refactor
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanm00h @ previous commit: using wTotalLenght of CONFIGURA...
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanfurther refactoring; usb_get_desc_interfac doesn't...
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanrefactoring ugly typedefs...
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanbleh, somehow the last character of a STRING do not...
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbanquirk replacement (control): simple delay (~11ms)
2009-09-22 Bernhard Urbansimple changes to the stack
2009-09-21 Bernhard Urban@get_descriptor|String: disable control quirk *sigh...
2009-09-21 Bernhard Urbanadded debug defs
2009-09-21 Bernhard Urbansome more device info \o/
2009-09-21 theStacked is static now, and it works! \o/
2009-09-21 Bernhard Urbanafter a warm start we have really odd memory issues:
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbando-while for mr. stack!
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbandone head fixed; we poll edhead->headp until it is...
2009-09-20 Bernhard UrbanISI exception fixed. as expected, a sync fail. however...
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbanweird ISI exception bug, WZF
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbando it more generic, but it fails :/
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbansome cleanup, incl. free'ing of allocated stuff (withou...
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbanw00t, finally we get some serioes response from a usb... firstresponse
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbanas promised, brand new ugly hax!!11
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbansome clean up (for more dirt!! \o/)
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbanamend it!
2009-09-20 Bernhard Urbandiscoverd weird endianness bug in sauter's usport....
2009-09-19 Bernhard Urbandata{0,1} now decided by endpoint (for PID_IN) (see...
2009-09-19 Bernhard Urbancontrol_quirk seems to be evil and our buf must be...
2009-09-19 Bernhard Urbansome changes... still blah
2009-09-19 Bernhard Urbancbp will be count up, but only with low speed devices...
2009-09-19 Bernhard Urbanfurther pfusch :) as usual, see difflog for details
2009-09-19 theStackcorrected memalign call thestack/usbkb_sauter
2009-09-19 Bernhard Urbanvarious changes, see difflog for details!
2009-09-18 theStackadapted setup_port to old, clean state
2009-09-18 theStackport enable and reset problem solved (tmp commit)
2009-09-18 Bernhard Urbanit works now, but we don't know why... *sigh* :(
2009-09-18 Bernhard Urbantmp commit
2009-09-18 Bernhard Urbanroothubports will be configured after init of ohci
2009-09-18 theStacktried to fix port enable/reset bug - didn't work
2009-09-18 Bernhard Urbansome roothub stuff added. TD transfer without errors...
2009-09-18 Bernhard Urbanadded HC roothub output to isr (only on "RootHubStatusC...
2009-09-18 Bernhard Urbandummyconfig is now static, however control_quirk is...
2009-09-18 Bernhard Urbanadd debugfunction for td->flag
2009-09-17 Bernhard Urbanehm..., something happen! :D
2009-09-17 Bernhard Urbanso, the HC clears CLF (ControlListFilled bit of the...
2009-09-17 Bernhard Urbanamend it!
2009-09-17 Bernhard Urbannew hottie: calloc != memalign. after s/calloc/memalign...
2009-09-17 Bernhard Urbansome debugoutputstuff and few changes
2009-09-17 Bernhard Urban[tmp] byte order changes in usb_control_msg() (usb...
2009-09-16 theStackremoved decrementer exception message
2009-09-16 theStackfirst usage of ACCESS_LE throughout the file
2009-09-16 theStackadd macro for u32 little endian access from ppc
2009-09-16 Bernhard Urban[tmp] speicherprobleme behoben; in current bleibt der...
2009-09-16 Bernhard Urban[tmp] geht grad nix :(
2009-09-16 Bernhard Urbanattempt to get some TDs through the HC -> fail :(
2009-09-16 theStackhappy whitespace hunting in sauter stack
2009-09-16 Bernhard Urbansome debug stuff. let zeh ohci hack begin! \o/
2009-09-16 Bernhard Urbanfirst adaption of 'usbport' by Benedikt Sauter
2009-09-05 theStackfirst adaption of linux ohci irq handler thestack/isr_test
2009-09-04 theStackthe whitespace hunter has struck again!
2009-09-04 Bernhard Urbansync before write hcca_SRC? else just peanuts
2009-09-04 Bernhard Urbanohci0 finally goes in operational mode -- silly confusi...
2009-09-04 Bernhard Urbandirty ohci commit for thestack; nicer patch will follow
2009-09-04 theStacksha1 patch for ppcskel
2009-09-04 theStackkilled the ohci_init FM_INTERVAL fail
2009-09-04 Bernhard Urbanlol noobs, how about clearing OHCI0_HC_INT_STATUS?! :)
2009-09-03 theStackjust commented out unneeded line in irq init
2009-09-03 Bernhard UrbanWIP: irq handler
2009-09-03 Bernhard UrbanWIP: irq_handler
2009-09-02 Bernhard UrbanMerge branch 'isr_test' of git://github.com/theStack...
2009-09-02 Bernhard UrbanWIP: copy irq_handler from mini to ppcskel
2009-09-02 theStackuntracked all those annoying .d files
2009-09-02 theStackadded (empty) handling for decrementer exception
2009-09-02 theStackfixed dma_addr() macro in ohci.c
2009-08-31 theStackimplemented simple irq handler, added irq.h
2009-08-31 theStackohci0 interrupt will be thrown - hooray++ \o/