2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbancodegen: handle exceptions of a method master
2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbancodegen: get full jnmap in patcher
2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbancodegen: map each real PC to java bytecode PC
2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: store length of basiblock (i.e. bytes of...
2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: build exceptionmap
2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbanjava/lang: env for exceptions
2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbancodegen: simplify glue code and emit code for all basic...
2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: handle athrow as return
2012-09-09 Bernhard Urbancodegen: make use of Functor instance
2012-09-05 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: build up CFG differently
2012-09-05 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: rewrite buildCFG with states
2012-09-04 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: annotate BBs with exceptions
2012-09-04 Bernhard Urbanbasiblock: remove `markBackwardTargets'
2012-09-04 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: using arrows
2012-09-02 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: use state monad to save all targets from...
2012-09-02 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: use simpler type
2012-09-02 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: small optimization of algo
2012-09-02 Bernhard Urbanathrow: add trapskeleton for it
2012-09-02 Bernhard Urbandebug: show disasm in intel syntax
2012-09-02 Bernhard UrbaninstanceOf: test anonymous interface
2012-09-01 Harald SteinlechnerGC: implemented QuickCheck magic to test GC of huge...
2012-09-01 Harald SteinlechnerGC: implemented basic GC memory swapping; some refactoring
2012-09-01 Harald SteinlechnerGC: TwoSpace copy evacuation basically works
2012-09-01 Harald SteinlechnerGC/MemoryManager: implemented evacuate
2012-09-01 Harald SteinlechnerGC: refactored Ptr specific test implementation into...
2012-09-01 Harald SteinlechnerGC: added newRef field
2012-08-31 Harald Steinlechnerscratch: stack->register mapping experiments. preparati...
2012-08-31 Harald Steinlechnerscratch/GC: playground for datastructures to be used...
2012-08-28 Bernhard Urbanhlint: style cleanup
2012-08-28 Bernhard UrbaninstanceOf: also consider interfaces
2012-08-28 Bernhard UrbaninstanceOf: class hierarchy are considered properly now
2012-08-28 Bernhard UrbaninstanceOf: make decision at runtime
2012-08-27 Harald SteinlechnerMemoryManager: twoSpace memorymanager initialization...
2012-08-27 Harald Steinlechnermoved GC/MemoryManager into Mate (more comfortable...
2012-08-27 Harald Steinlechnerscratch/GC: progress with data structures and traversals
2012-08-27 Harald Steinlechnerscratch/GC: progress with data structures and traversals
2012-08-27 Harald Steinlechnerscratch/GC: sketched datastructures etc for obj graph...
2012-08-27 Bernhard Urbanobjectformat: one word after mtable in object layout
2012-08-27 Bernhard Urbantrapmap: delete some entries
2012-08-27 Bernhard Urbanpatching: define patcher in X86CodeGen itself where...
2012-08-27 Bernhard Urbanlazy classloading: yet another bug
2012-08-27 Bernhard Urbantraps: delete traps... TODO
2012-08-25 Bernhard UrbanREADME: remove old information
2012-08-25 Bernhard Urbandebug: remove #ifdef's and use dumb logger
2012-08-24 Bernhard UrbanWall: remove some warnings
2012-08-24 Bernhard Urbanglobalmaphack: be more general (fmap, factoring, ...)
2012-08-24 Bernhard UrbanRevert "globalmaphack: use old school CPP"
2012-08-24 Harald SteinlechnerGarbageAlloc: little refactoring - all GC allocate...
2012-08-24 Harald SteinlechnerMethodPool: removed demo call stuff - added printGCStat...
2012-08-24 Harald Steinlechnerhs-boehmgc/buildsystem: rm of tempdir after cabal insta...
2012-08-23 Harald Steinlechnerexperiments with JNI;
2012-08-23 Harald SteinlechnerGC: first working version of boehm gc. working with...
2012-08-22 Harald Steinlechnergc: delegated mallocs in GarbageAlloc to hs-boehmgc...
2012-08-22 Bernhard Urbannative: demo for a call to haskell functions at runtime
2012-08-20 Bernhard Urbanstyle suggestion for data decl.
2012-08-20 Bernhard Urbandebug: more readable debuginfo
2012-08-18 Bernhard Urbantraps: use harpy for patching
2012-08-17 Bernhard Urbaninvokevirtual: implement lazy class loading right
2012-08-17 Bernhard Urbancodegen: approx. initial codebuffer size according...
2012-08-17 Bernhard Urbantests: big object fail
2012-08-17 Bernhard Urbandebug: ifdef this, because ghc doesn't eliminate this :/
2012-08-17 Bernhard UrbannativeMaschine: use NativeWord instead of Word32
2012-08-17 Bernhard Urbannew insn: fix wrong behaviour on lazy class init
2012-08-17 Bernhard Urbancodegen: register dump at runtime
2012-08-17 Bernhard Urbanjava runtime: add simple version of instanceof
2012-08-17 Bernhard Urbanrefactor: trivial stuff and add -fwarn-tabs to $(GHC_OPT)
2012-08-13 Bernhard UrbanTODO: update; Debug: note about `printfFake'
2012-08-09 Bernhard UrbanMakefile: add boot class dependency for debug build
2012-08-09 Bernhard Urbanbasicblock: stupid index bug @ debug output
2012-08-02 Bernhard Urbaninstallenv: use custom harpy repo
2012-08-02 Bernhard Urbanstaticcall trap: use different magic sequence
2012-08-02 Bernhard Urbandebugmode: no maybe anymore
2012-08-02 Bernhard Urbanhlint: stuff
2012-08-02 Bernhard UrbannativeMachine: use constants
2012-07-31 Bernhard UrbannativeMaschine: s/unsigned int/ptrdiff_t/g
2012-07-31 Bernhard UrbannativeMaschine: add module for binding target machine
2012-07-31 Bernhard Urbanrefactor: store amount of arguments of a method in...
2012-07-31 Bernhard Urbancode style: just different indent
2012-07-31 Bernhard Urbanmaxlocals: store it in new data type RawMethod, with...
2012-07-31 Bernhard UrbanMakefile: don't delete tags file
2012-07-31 Bernhard Urbancodegen: factor i{load,store} shortcuts
2012-07-31 Bernhard UrbanTODO: replace traps?
2012-07-18 Bernhard Urbanrefactor: style, fun, hlint, ...
2012-07-18 Bernhard UrbanMakefile: cleanup/describe options, update .PHONY, ...
2012-07-18 Bernhard Urbanglobalmaphack: use old school CPP
2012-07-17 Bernhard UrbanMakefile: adapt *.compile for new javac behaivour too
2012-07-17 Bernhard Urbangdb: disable ghc's rts timer and disable signal handlers
2012-07-17 Bernhard UrbanMakefile: fix for new javac version
2012-07-17 Bernhard Urbanrefactor stuff
2012-06-21 Bernhard Urbancabal: removed mate-common
2012-06-20 Bernhard UrbanMakefile: `ghci' and `tags' targets
2012-06-19 Bernhard Urbanadd package jmate
2012-06-19 Bernhard Urbancodegen: throw: force runtime error on execution
2012-06-19 Bernhard Urbannative: cleaner arraycopy
2012-06-19 Bernhard Urbantypes: remove dirty Ord instance of MethodSignature
2012-06-18 Bernhard Urbantraps: don't delete entry after consuming it
2012-06-18 Bernhard Urbancodegen: typestuff for compiling classpath files
2012-06-18 Bernhard Urbancodegen: again, a bug regarding BB ordering
2012-06-18 Bernhard Urbancodegen: shift insn
2012-06-16 Bernhard Urbannative: add VMSystem.arraycopy