2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanblah: seabios quirks (not here) WIP
2012-04-06 Bernhard UrbanRevert "dsdt.asl from h8scm adopted"
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbandsdt.asl from h8scm adopted
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanrebased to origin/master
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo: raminit not ok? :-/
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo: remove gfx stuff
2012-04-06 Bernhard UrbanRevert "m5a99x-evo: ugly quirks, but WOOT: ohai seabios...
2012-04-06 Bernhard UrbanRevert "pci stuff: too much hax now, trying rd890 patch...
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo: using rd890 stuff
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanpci stuff: too much hax now, trying rd890 patch (not...
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo remove stuff
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanmake seabios more verbose
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo: ugly quirks, but WOOT: ohai seabios :-)
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo: sup @ ramstage :-)
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbansame stuff again -.-
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbansigh
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanlinker script: hax :/
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo: grml, strange romstage ld warning... dunno...
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo: increase ROM size
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanm5a99x-evo: replace name
2012-04-06 Bernhard Urbanmainboard: init m5a99x-evo from m5a88-v
2012-04-05 Stefan ReinauerAdd constants for fast path resume copying master
2012-04-05 Stefan ReinauerFix timer frequency detection on Sandybridge
2012-04-05 Bernhard Urbanamdfam10: add phenom II as known cpu
2012-04-05 Stefan ReinauerInvalidate cache before first jump
2012-04-05 Stefan Reinauersmbios: Don't fill out firmware version on ChromeOS
2012-04-05 Stefan ReinauerFill out ChromeOS specific coreboot table extensions
2012-04-05 Stefan ReinauerUpdate documentation in smmrelocate.S to mention TSEG
2012-04-05 Stefan ReinauerAdd support for Intel Sandybridge CPU
2012-04-05 Stefan ReinauerAdd support for Intel Sandybridge CPU (northbridge...
2012-04-05 Patrick GeorgiIgnore .exe files in whitespace test
2012-04-05 Patrick GeorgiAdd getopt implementation to abuild
2012-04-04 Stefan ReinauerUse fast memset in SMM mode, too
2012-04-04 Stefan ReinauerAdd support for Intel Panther Point PCH
2012-04-04 Stefan ReinauerAdd support for mainboard specific suspend/resume handler
2012-04-04 Stefan ReinauerMove TPM code to romstage
2012-04-04 Stefan ReinauerDrop verified boot code from acpi.c
2012-04-04 Stefan ReinauerDrop duplicate inclusion of src/vendorcode
2012-04-04 Stefan ReinauerAdd support to run SMM handler in TSEG instead of ASEG
2012-04-03 Mathias Krauselibpayload: avoid excessive casts in printf.c
2012-04-03 Mathias Krauselibpayload: minor cleanups
2012-04-03 Stefan ReinauerDon't unconditionally show ChromeOS options
2012-04-03 Stefan ReinauerAdd support for Intel Turbo Boost feature
2012-04-03 Stefan Reinauersmbios: add support for onboard devices extended inform...
2012-04-03 Patrick Georginvramtool: 64bit safe CBFS handling
2012-04-03 Patrick GeorgiAdd preprocessing capabilities to the cbfs-files mechanism
2012-04-03 Patrick GeorgiAdd nvramtool to coreboot build system
2012-04-02 Kyösti MälkkiApply cache-as-ram conditionally on socket mPGA604
2012-04-02 zbaoS3 code whitespaces changes.
2012-04-02 zbaoAdd sb800 spi support.
2012-04-02 Mathias Krausex86, oprom: ensure DF is always cleared
2012-04-02 Stefan Reinauer[ChromeOS] Don't initialize VGA Option ROM in normal...
2012-04-02 Stefan ReinauerAdd EC component for SMSC MEC1308/1310
2012-04-02 Stefan ReinauerAdd support for ITE IT8772F SuperI/O chip
2012-04-02 Stefan ReinauerAdd a helper function to determine the number of enable...
2012-04-02 Stefan ReinauerAlign: Make sure 1 is treated as unsigned long instead...
2012-04-02 Stefan ReinauerAdd Google ChromeOS vendor support
2012-04-02 Vadim BendeburyForce coreboot mconf to create temp files in the output...
2012-04-02 Gabe BlackAdd a "remove" command to cbfstool
2012-03-31 Mathias KrauseFix issues with x86 memcpy
2012-03-31 Patrick GeorgiWhitespace fixes
2012-03-31 Marc JonesUpdate xcompile to search for x86_64 toolchain.
2012-03-31 Gabe BlackMake libpayload parse the coreboot tables before settin...
2012-03-31 Stefan ReinauerEnable -Werror for romcc
2012-03-31 zbaoKeep cscope.out when distclean.
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiIntel cpus: get MAXPHYADDR at runtime for new CAR
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiIntel cpus: add hyper-threading CPU support to new CAR
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiIntel cpus: improve CPU compatibility of new CAR
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiAdd support for RAM-less multi-processor init
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiIntel cpus: apply some good programming practices in...
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiIntel cpus: cache actual size of the Flash ROM device
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiIntel cpus: copy model_6ex CAR code
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiMakefile: rename romstage linking filenames
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiMakefile: split romstage linking to separate rules
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiFix coreboot makefiles not to produce half baked output.
2012-03-31 Kyösti MälkkiDrop obsolete TINY_BOOTBLOCK
2012-03-30 Stefan ReinauerFix warnings in coreboot utilities.
2012-03-30 Stefan Reinaueruse movsl for copying resume memory back
2012-03-30 Stefan ReinauerDon't unconditionally add support for cardbus and pci...
2012-03-30 Stefan ReinauerAdd DEBUG_TPM option to Debugging menu
2012-03-30 Duncan LaurieMake MTRR min hole alignment 64MB
2012-03-30 Duncan LaurieFix MB calculation in the reporting of the MTRR hole
2012-03-30 Duncan LaurieMTRR: add alternate allocation method for odd memory...
2012-03-30 Duncan LaurieDon't re-init EBDA in S3 resume path.
2012-03-30 Duncan LauriePrepare the BIOS data areas before device init.
2012-03-30 Stefan Reinauervga_io.c is not needed unless CONFIG_VGA is set
2012-03-30 Vadim BendeburyAllow components smaller than declared size.
2012-03-30 Duncan LaurieAdd Kconfig options to enable TSEG and set a size
2012-03-30 Duncan LaurieMake cpuid functions usable when compiled with PIC
2012-03-30 Gabe BlackRevamp to use the coreboot tables.
2012-03-30 Stefan Reinauerdrop use of MAX_PHYSICAL_CPUS and MAX_CPUS where not...
2012-03-30 Stefan ReinauerMake PCI CONF2 support a compile time option
2012-03-30 Stefan ReinauerAdd more timestamps in coreboot.
2012-03-30 Vadim BendeburyFix coreboot makefiles not to produce half baked output.
2012-03-30 Duncan LaurieAdd timestamps for selfboot and acpi wake
2012-03-30 Stefan ReinauerMake TPM driver work in rom stage.
2012-03-30 Stefan ReinauerAdd TPM support to coreboot
2012-03-29 Stefan ReinauerAdd Google ChromeOS vendorcode directory
2012-03-29 Stefan ReinauerAdd an option to keep the ROM cached after romstage
2012-03-29 Stefan ReinauerAdd native memset() function on x86