Add constants for fast path resume copying
[coreboot.git] / util /
2012-04-05 Patrick GeorgiIgnore .exe files in whitespace test
2012-04-05 Patrick GeorgiAdd getopt implementation to abuild
2012-04-03 Patrick Georginvramtool: 64bit safe CBFS handling
2012-04-03 Patrick GeorgiAdd nvramtool to coreboot build system
2012-04-02 Vadim BendeburyForce coreboot mconf to create temp files in the output...
2012-04-02 Gabe BlackAdd a "remove" command to cbfstool
2012-03-31 Marc JonesUpdate xcompile to search for x86_64 toolchain.
2012-03-31 Stefan ReinauerEnable -Werror for romcc
2012-03-30 Stefan ReinauerFix warnings in coreboot utilities.
2012-03-30 Vadim BendeburyAllow components smaller than declared size.
2012-03-30 Gabe BlackRevamp to use the coreboot tables.
2012-03-29 Vadim BendeburyIntroduce utility for parsing CBMEM contents.
2012-03-25 Patrick Georgigitconfig: Improve commit-msg hook
2012-03-10 Stefan Reinauertell superiotool about the ITE 8772
2012-03-09 Stefan ReinauerFix lint-stable checkin hooks on MacOS X
2012-03-07 Patrick GeorgiMove C labels to start-of-line
2012-03-07 Patrick Georgilint: test that labels begin at start-of-line
2012-03-07 Stefan Reinauercorrectly mark code segments as code in SELF
2012-03-06 Patrick GeorgiRevert "Use -mno-sse to prevent overzealous gcc optimiz...
2012-03-03 Stefan ReinauerUse -mno-sse to prevent overzealous gcc optimizations
2012-02-29 Patrick Georgigitconfig: Add lint-stable as pre-commit hook
2012-02-29 Patrick Georgilint: create two classes of tests, stable and dev
2012-02-29 Patrick GeorgiFix lint test for build directories
2012-02-29 Patrick GeorgiDrop support for BROKEN marker
2012-02-17 Patrick GeorgiRemove whitespace.
2012-02-17 Patrick Georgilint: Add test for whitespace issues in the code
2012-02-17 zbaoExit building if romstage.bin is larger than size of XIP
2012-02-07 Bernhard Urbanromcc: kill gcc warnings and .gitignore generated files
2012-01-26 Vikram Narayanandumpmmcr: Fix compilation warnings in printf
2012-01-09 Patrick GeorgiUn-perl commit-msg hook
2012-01-08 Sven Schnelleinteltool: Add support for dumping AMB registers
2012-01-03 Jonathan A. KollaschAdd missing EOT marker.
2011-12-24 Kyösti MälkkiSconfig: parse Kconfig options from devicetree.cb
2011-12-21 Christian RuppertRespect linker order
2011-11-08 Patrick Georgibuildgcc: Add option to use ccache
2011-11-07 Jonathan A. Kollaschsuperiotool: add detection and dump of Infineon SLB9635 TPM
2011-11-07 Jonathan A. Kollaschbuildgcc: don't download python and expat if disabled
2011-11-07 Patrick Georgiabuild: Don't try to use files that don't exist
2011-11-07 Jonathan A. KollaschAvoid false detection of SMSC FDC37N972 when Infineon...
2011-11-06 Patrick Georgibuildgcc: Explicitely state CC everywhere
2011-11-06 Patrick Georgikconfig: Use more collision resistant temporary filenames
2011-11-06 Patrick Georgiabuild: Write XML/JUnit files per board
2011-11-06 Patrick Georgiabuild: Refactor parallelization support
2011-11-06 Patrick Georgiabuild: Avoid race condition when running abuild parallely
2011-11-06 Patrick Georgibuildgcc: Fix wrapper Makefile
2011-11-03 Florian Zumbiehlfix superiotool for NCT6776F
2011-11-02 Stefan Reinauerbuildgcc: Update coreboot reference toolchain to gcc...
2011-11-01 Stefan ReinauerAdd Python scripting to GDB.
2011-11-01 Stefan Reinauerremove trailing whitespace
2011-10-31 Patrick Georgibuildgcc: Fix colors for dash
2011-10-30 Patrick Georgicrossgcc: Fix colors with dash
2011-10-30 Sven Schnelleinteltool: Add Intel i63xx I/O Controller Hub
2011-10-30 Stefan ReinauerUpdate coreboot cross toolchain to gcc 4.6.1
2011-10-27 Rudolf MarekAdd support for AMD IMC controller.
2011-10-27 Stefan ReinauerAdd -Werror to xcompile's testcc
2011-10-24 Stefan ReinauerVarious fixes to cbfstool.
2011-10-23 Marc JonesAllow XGCCPATH to be set on the make command line.
2011-10-22 Stefan ReinauerAdd ifdtool, utility to read / modify Intel Firmware...
2011-10-22 Stefan Reinauernvramtool: Fix CMOS checksum to match coreboot (and...
2011-10-19 Stefan Reinauersconfig: check whether component directory actually...
2011-10-17 Stefan Reinauercbfstool: improve error messages
2011-10-13 Stefan ReinauerFix romstage creation with gcc 4.6 and CAR targets
2011-09-24 Raymond DanksmkelfImage: Use -fno-stack-protector if supported by gcc
2011-09-14 Mathias Krausesuperiotool: Don't compile with -Werror
2011-09-14 Mathias Krauseinteltool: fixed 64 bit build
2011-09-14 Mathias Krauseinteltool: Fixed building of position independent execu...
2011-09-13 Peter Stugeutil/crossgcc: Update gdb to 7.3.1
2011-09-12 Ruud Schrampinteltool: added more device IDs
2011-09-06 Rudolf MarekAdd support utils for tracing
2011-08-29 Peter Stugebuildgcc: Do not download GDB source code if run with...
2011-08-21 Peter Stugebuildgcc: Remove all bashisms, making the script run...
2011-08-21 Peter Stugebuildgcc: Fix typo in check for failed iasl build
2011-08-14 Jonathan A. Kollaschcrossgcc: invoke buildgcc with bash, instead of relying...
2011-08-12 Jonathan A. Kollaschbuildgcc: improve portability
2011-08-09 Marc JonesAdd iasl to buldgcc and rev the version.
2011-07-26 Patrick Georgicrossgcc: update w32api
2011-07-26 Patrick Georgibuildgcc: Break if parts of the toolchain are missing
2011-07-07 Patrick GeorgiFix lint-002-build-dir-handling
2011-06-30 Patrick GeorgiAdd local copy of commit-msg hook
2011-06-28 Anton Kochkovmsrtool: added support for Intel CPUs
2011-06-23 Mark NormanAdd SMSC SCH3114 superio register descriptions to super...
2011-06-09 Uwe Hermannsuperiotool: Cosmetics and coding style fixes.
2011-06-09 Peter Stugeutil/crossgcc: Add build-without-gdb Makefile target
2011-06-09 Peter Stugeutil/crossgcc: Add buildgcc -G and --skip-gdb options
2011-06-06 Patrick GeorgiTeach abuild to emit JUnit formatted build reports
2011-06-01 Patrick GeorgiReport build result from abuild (did all requested...
2011-05-23 Stefan Reinauerexclude src/vendorcode from GPLv2 license checks.
2011-05-21 Patrick GeorgiAdd regression test for build directory handling to...
2011-05-16 Cristian Magherusa... Add crossgcc target to automatically build reference...
2011-05-10 Patrick GeorgiFix compilation error due to non-unix style line ending...
2011-04-22 Stefan ReinauerAdd (partly) support for Nuvoton NCT6776F
2011-04-22 Stefan Reinauercosmetic changes to superiotool's nuvoton code
2011-04-19 Jonathan KollaschCast arguments to ctype(3) functions through (int)...
2011-04-18 Stefan ReinauerEmit unwritten symbols in Kconfig so we don't have...
2011-04-11 Ruud SchrampAdd detection/dump support for ServerEngines SE-SM...
2011-04-10 Stefan ReinauerIn 2007 Adrian Reber suggested that we drop ASSEMBLY...
2011-03-29 Prakash PunnoorRevert r6460, add full W83627DHG-P/-PT support instead.
2011-03-25 Prakash PunnoorI noticed some registers of Winbond W83627DHG, which...
2011-03-18 Stefan Reinaueroops, one URL fix was missing. Add new DirectHW URL
2011-03-18 Stefan ReinauerDirectHW fixes for coreboot utilities