Add constants for fast path resume copying
[coreboot.git] / payloads /
2012-04-03 Mathias Krauselibpayload: avoid excessive casts in printf.c
2012-04-03 Mathias Krauselibpayload: minor cleanups
2012-03-31 Gabe BlackMake libpayload parse the coreboot tables before settin...
2012-03-21 Marc JonesFix libpayload alloc() size and gcc pointer optimizatio...
2012-03-10 Marc JonesMake libpayload alloc() memory pointers volatile
2012-02-29 Marc Jonestint requires more heap space for PDCurses.
2012-02-20 Mathias Krauselibpayload: fix compile error with enabled USB_DEBUG
2012-02-17 Mathias Krauselibpayload: enforce const correctness for CMOS getter...
2012-02-17 Mathias Krauselibpayload: fix compiler warning for first_cmos_entry()
2012-02-13 Mathias Krauselibpayload: code cosmetics
2012-02-10 Mathias Krauselibpayload: fix possible mem leak in get_option_as_string()
2012-02-07 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Remove workaround for bitfield management...
2012-02-07 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Force checking all EHCI ports on power-on
2012-02-06 Stefan ReinauerMove SeaBIOS output out of coreboot source tree
2012-02-06 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Fix EHCI driver
2012-02-03 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Add iterators for CMOS variables
2012-02-03 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Expose options_checksum_valid
2012-02-03 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Provide interpretation of CMOS data structures
2012-02-02 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Add access to CMOS images in memory space
2012-02-02 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Refactor highlevel CMOS access
2012-01-26 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Allow using CBFS functions on images in RAM
2012-01-18 Patrick Georgilibpayload: style: compare null-pointers with NULL...
2012-01-09 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Remove bitfield use from EHCI data structures
2012-01-09 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Remove bitfield use from UHCI data structures
2012-01-09 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Remove bitfield use from OHCI data structures
2012-01-07 Philip PrindevilleEliminate magic numbers
2012-01-07 Philip PrindevilleCleanup access to vendor/part # info
2011-12-24 Patrick Georgilibpayload: remove uhci_reg_maskX
2011-12-24 Philip PrindevilleLet lib_get_sysinfo() pass through the success of get_c...
2011-12-24 Philip PrindevilleFix missing cast back to void *
2011-12-24 Philip PrindevilleFix missing VM mapping
2011-12-24 Philip PrindevilleUse void pointers for untyped memory
2011-12-24 Philip PrindevilleUse convenience function to checksum
2011-12-24 Philip PrindevilleReplace UNPACK_CB64 macro with inline
2011-12-21 Christian RuppertRespect linker order
2011-12-13 Patrick Georgilibpayload: add set_option() function
2011-12-02 QingPei WangMirror Fix coreinfo usage of cb_info
2011-11-11 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Enable colors in PDcurses
2011-11-10 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Fix handling of CAPS LOCK key on PS/2 keyboards
2011-11-04 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Implement usb_exit
2011-11-04 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Tell EHCI to re-enable USB1 controllers
2011-11-04 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Drop usb_fatal()
2011-11-03 Mathias Krauselibpayload: Reduce verbosity in USB stack
2011-11-03 Mathias Krauselibpayload: Put coreboot version into lib_sysinfo
2011-11-02 Florian Zumbiehldon't scan beyond end of CBFS
2011-11-01 Stefan Reinauerlibpayload: remove trailing whitespace and run dos2unix
2011-11-01 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Fix OHCI some more
2011-10-31 Stefan ReinauerRun dos2unix on bayou and remove white space at the...
2011-10-27 Stefan ReinauerFix libpayload speaker driver
2011-10-23 Thomas GstädtnerFILO: Pass LIBCONFIG_PATH variable to FILOs make
2011-10-22 Stefan ReinauerFix CMOS checksum calculation in libpayload.
2011-10-21 Stefan ReinauerExtend coreboot table entry for serial ports
2011-10-21 Thomas GstädtnerFILO: Change FILO from SVN to GIT
2011-10-21 Patrick Georgilibpayload: fix bulk transfers on OHCI controllers
2011-10-13 Stefan ReinauerUpdate "STABLE" SeaBIOS selection to release 1.6.3
2011-10-11 Marc JonesDon't do a call as the first instruction in libpayload.
2011-09-14 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Add get_option_from()
2011-08-18 Patrick Georgilibpayload: export get_cbfs_header()
2011-08-17 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Some more compatibility (for flashrom)
2011-08-16 Patrick Georgilibpayload: EHCI registers are volatile
2011-08-04 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Add liblzma, libcbfs
2011-08-04 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Add PDCurses and ncurses' libform/libmenu
2011-07-21 Tadas SlotkusLibpayload: default DESTDIR for 'make install'
2011-07-20 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Provide dummy getenv()
2011-07-17 Steven A. Falcoport_enable and port_reset must change atomically.
2011-07-16 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Improve compatibility
2011-07-14 Steven A. FalcoPrint a warning when an unknow USB controller type...
2011-07-14 Steven A. FalcoEHCI driver missing bus_address assignment.
2011-07-11 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Add qsort()
2011-07-07 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Don't declare mouse support in tinycurses
2011-07-07 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Provide atol(), malloc.h
2011-07-07 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Implement strlcpy
2011-07-07 Patrick Georgilibpayload: fix wborder()
2011-07-07 Cristian Măgherușa... Run 'git fetch' in SeaBIOS only when really needed
2011-07-03 Patrick GeorgiFixes to the libpayload build system
2011-06-30 Patrick GeorgiReduce warnings/errors in libpayload when using picky...
2011-06-30 Patrick GeorgiUse coreboot build system for libpayload, too.
2011-06-29 Marc JonesLibpayload needs to clear the bss region.
2011-04-16 Stefan ReinauerAllow libpayload to use an OXPCIe 952 card on systems...
2011-04-15 Stefan Reinaueradd FILO easy payload option
2011-04-14 Stefan Reinauercoding style cosmetics.
2011-04-01 Yang Hamo BaiAdd build instructions for coreinfo, specially pointing...
2011-03-29 Nils JacobsUpdate repo path in libpayload readme.
2011-03-22 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Fix documentation
2011-03-17 Patrick Georgilibpayload: fix string-to-numeric functions for base...
2011-03-01 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Add more libpci-compatibility (#defines)
2011-03-01 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Implement pci_cleanup()
2011-03-01 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Implement ffs()
2011-03-01 Patrick GeorgiSome more standard types and defines (libpayload)
2011-03-01 Patrick GeorgiAdd lib/ to the default library path of lpgcc, so ...
2011-02-24 Patrick Georgilibpayload: Move stdin/stdout/stderr away from headers
2011-02-15 Stefan Reinaueruse for checking out seabios.
2011-02-14 Patrick GeorgiUse fprintf(stderr, ...) in library
2011-02-14 Patrick GeorgiStub out FILE*, stdout/stdin/stderr and implement fprin...
2011-02-14 Patrick Georgilpgcc was too noisy in some cases
2011-02-14 Patrick GeorgiSome more POSIX compatibility
2011-02-07 Peter StugeReliably build arbitrary Kconfig-based revisions of...
2011-01-29 Stefan ReinauerPass all required toolchain parts to SeaBIOS correctly
2011-01-25 Stefan ReinauerFix abuild
2011-01-23 Kevin O'ConnorClone a tag rather than SeaBIOS stable branch HEAD