Project Description Owner Last Change
archlinuxppc.git some packages for arch linux ppc (mainly... lewurm 9 years ago
cacao.git inofficial git mirror lewurm 8 years ago
calu.git Deep Thought (softcore CPU) lewurm 8 years ago
coreboot.git my coreboot WIP stuff (asus m5a99x-evo board) lewurm 8 years ago
dide_16.git dide laboruebung (ws09) lewurm 10 years ago
dis-ebc.git EFI byte code disassembler lewurm 8 years ago
disassembler.git Disassembler for X86 & AMD64 machine code... lewurm 8 years ago
harpy.git Moved to -- Runtime... lewurm 7 years ago
hs-boehmgc.git Moved to -- haskell... harald 7 years ago
hs-java.git Moved to -- data... lewurm 8 years ago
hwmod.git hardware-modellierung VL (ss10) lewurm 10 years ago
mate.git Moved to -- A Java... lewurm 7 years ago
mono.git my mono mirror. check out Moved to http:... lewurm 2 years ago
ppcskel.git enhanced ppcskel for the great bootmii projec... lewurm 10 years ago
pyfrprog.git a native linux programmer for MB91F465X fiesel 10 years ago
savezelda.git (Wii exploits) Twilight Hack, Indiana Pwns... lewurm 9 years ago
sbs.git Stackbasierte Programmiersprachen (WS11) lewurm 8 years ago
seabios.git my seabios quirk stuff lewurm 8 years ago
sh-gallery.git shell based html gallery generator lewurm 8 years ago
sigproz.git Ausarbeitung des Fragenkatalogs fuer die... lewurm 10 years ago
summon-arm-toolchain.git r0ket toolchain lewurm 8 years ago
testub10.git [testub10] incl. ppc and arm (see http:/... lewurm 7 years ago
uebersetzerbau-ss10.git uebersetzerbau ss10 @ complang. inclusive... lewurm 7 years ago